Thanks for shairng. What a pleasure to read!

Cash C

Aug 26, 2011

Dear Carin & Tony, I wanted to share an experience I recently had with a young woman (probably mid 30's) that I am working with. She grew up in Orange County in a very wealthy family. Both her parents had inherited wealth and her father had built a substantial business of his own. She had every "thing" that she could've ever wanted, yet she had always felt empty. She'd gone through a marriage and divorce by the age of 25, turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with life, and didn't have anyone she could "identify with" in her life. She said she always felt like "a duck out of water" around her family. She blamed the wealth and cut off all ties to her family. She graduated from college a few years ago and is now waiting tables, barely making ends meet. She is a friend of a friend and I didn't know her at all, but I was asked to meet with her. When I did I realized that she had a very skewed view of money and wealth. It just so happened that I had an extra copy of your book in the car with me so I gave it to her. She called last night and shared that after reading your book she understood what I was trying to help her see when we met. Money is neither good nor bad, it is our choices and our perspective of money that determines its role in our lives. She said she learned that she can "screw up royally, be forgiven and have a future". I didn't explore that bit too deeply, but I got the sense that she felt as though she were damaged goods and could never hope for a happy life. Anyway, the point is that sharing your personal story meant something to this woman and I wanted you to know . While her life hasn't been drastically changed (yet), nor has she been reconciled to her family (yet), she is now open to changing her paradigm. I have to confess that before this experience I don't think I would've considered using your book in a situation like this and I don't usually have an extra copy in the car, but it was a considerable blessing for her and her experience was an eye opener for me. I now intentionally have an extra copy in the car!

Allie H

Feb 08, 2010

Tony and Carin, during my 30 plus years in Christian nonprofit ministry I've read many books about Christian giving. Yours ranks among the best. It challenges and encourages. I plan to share your book with friends who support our ministry. Thanks for sharing your story in a way that honors the Lord.

Rex R

Oct 18, 2009

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Amaradio, Thank you so much, your book was a real blessing to me. A friend, who I hadn't seen in a couple of years called me out of the blue a few days before you were scheduled to speak at Saddleback's Men's Forum. While I was trying to catch up on how things were going, he quickly interjected the Men's Forum and suggested I attend. I said it sounded great and would love to do it, but wasn't very committal. I asked if he was free for lunch the following week but he instead suggested we meet early at the Men's Forum in a few days. Given his call out of the blue and his persistence, I knew at that point the Lord wanted me to attend. All that my friend mentioned was that a financial planner would be speaking. My first thought was "the Lord wants me to attend because He doesn't feel I'm being a good steward of His resources." You see, the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife, three wonderful daughters (ages 8, 6 and 4), and He has also blessed us financially. We live in a private gated community in southern Orange County, our daughters attend private Christian schools, and so on. He provided me a good corporate position as an actuarial consultant after finishing graduate school 15 years ago, and 7 years ago opened another door by providing me what was a then a side business. He blessed the side business, and its revenue continued to increase strongly. Three years ago He created the opportunity to expand it and operate the business full-time. These past few years have been a real blessing, providing me a lot of time with my family. Although He has blessed us financially, supporting a family in southern Orange County is very expensive, and although the business does very well, things have been also relatively tight. In prayer, the Lord kept telling me not to worry but that I needed to learn to trust Him and not the size of my bank account. He has also been working on breaking any connection to idolatry (i.e. love of money). Despite what the Lord was telling me in prayer, when I received the call from my friend I was convinced the Lord felt I was not being a good steward. However, as it turns out, He had me attend for different reasons. You said some things that the Holy Spirit really perked up in my heart that aligned with where it seems my future is heading. He also impressed strongly on my spirit that He wanted me to read your book. Your book was such a blessing. There were so many parallels in your book with what I had been experiencing. Further, your book was so unique; I hadn’t read anything like it. The points you articulated and the methods you outlined were so logical and succinct. Although they were very well articulated from a Biblical perspective, the insight you provide based on your skill set and life experiences, were in my opinion, extremely helpful to learn. And, the main point of the book was what He has been telling me all along: let go Ryan and fully surrender and trust Me with ALL of the resources I’ve provided you; He owns it all and He has a plan. After reading your book I apologized to the Lord for making decisions instead of submitting them to prayer seeking His will/decision. Thank you again for writing your book. True freedom is only found when we fully surrender to His will and trust Him with everything. God bless to you and your family, Ryan R.

Ryan R

Sep 05, 2009

Hi Tony (and Carin), Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your new book. Great job! I'm just about finished reading it and am thoroughly enjoying it. Tremendous insights and solid use of Scripture throughout the book! I pray your book will be a blessing to each person reading it, and that it will encourage people to give more... to indeed move from reluctant, to obedient, to joyful givers! Congratulations on a job well done!

Ruth G

Mar 19, 2009

AWESOME how genuine it is. AWESOME use of scripture throughout - keeping God's leading in the forefront at all times. AWESOME how you tell just enough to get the point across, keeping true to the purpose of the book. AWESOME how clear and readable it is. I laughed at Chuck Colson's remark in his note that it is easy reading - that's because his own writing is sooo high level! I think it's JUST RIGHT for most people. AWESOME how I can use this book as a testimony of a "real life" situation that exemplifies what we are learning in the workshop I'm doing at church called "God's Way of Handling Money" by Crown Financial. Two more Sundays to go and I would LOVE to present them with this book. AWESOME how I am personally inspired by your book in the way of thinking about the resources we've been given to manage.

Cheryl R

Mar 19, 2009

I just received your book "Faithful with Much" from Jim Falkenberg. I closed my doors to my office and read it straight through. Thank you and Carin for taking the time and effort to put your thoughts together to write this book. Well done! It gave me a great insight to Carin's heart. May God use it to further His Kingdom.

Ben M

Mar 19, 2009

Faithful with Much has made clear to me the often complex topic of financial stewardship. Through the climatic journeys of both Tony and Carin, one will gain knowledge and understanding of healthy financial management along side the strengthening of faithful living by trusting in God's abundance. It is truly inspirational in all senses.

William H

Mar 19, 2009

I just wanted to thank you for giving me a copy of your book. It is a beautiful book. I am impressed. Your team did an excellent job on it. I began reading it right away. It was very interesting and compelling. I look forward to reading the whole thing. Thanks also for signing it, that makes it very special.

Lisa G

Mar 19, 2009

Faithful with Much the Book